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Managing Images

Using images within your content is a two step process. You first upload your images and the separately insert them within your content.

Uploading Images

The most direct method for uploading images is using the Media Manager. The Media Manager is actually the appropriate place to store all types of media, including images, documents, audio, and video.

There are two ways to access the Media Manager:

If you are at the Administrator Console home page, you can click the Media Manager button.
Media Manager button
If you already in another section of the Administration Console you can find the Media Manager in the Site menu.
Media Manager from the Site Menu


Using either of these methods you will see the open Media Manager:


Media Manager


All files that you upload MUST BE STORED IN THE "STORIES" DIRECTORY. Images not in this directory not available for insertion in Content Items.

Media Functions
To add a new image or other media, click the Browse button next to the File Upload box. Select the appropriate file from your computer and click Open. The file name and path should then appear in the File Upload box. Then, simply click the Upload button in the top-right corner. Upload Button
To create a new directory, type the directory name in the Create Directory box and click the Create button in the top-right corner Create Button
Clicking the Cancel button in the top-right corner returns you to the Administrator Console home page Cancel Button
You can easily navigate through the directories by clicking on a directory to open it. To navigate up to the directory above the one you are currently viewing, click the Directory Up button.
Directory Up button
To delete an image or directory, simply click the small Trash button beneath the icon
Trash Button


Images can also be uploaded directly from within content items. The upload button, described above, appears in the top-right corner of appropriate pages. Clicking this button opens a new window with this small page:


Upload Window


Be aware that when using this method you are unable to set the directory into which the image will be uploaded. All images uploaded using this method will be placed in the stories directory.


Placing Images in your Content

There are two methods for inserting images into your content. The methods are the same whether you're editing a Static Content item or an Article (Content Item). When editing Section or Category descriptions only the second method is available.

The first method is simple to use and manage. Images are inserted by point and click.

Select the position in the Text Editor where you wish to insert the image and click the Insert Image button that appears directly below the Text Editor:


Insert Image button


This places text in the page as a placeholder for the image. It is plain text and will look like this: {mosimage}

Place one of these placeholder in each place where an image will appear.

Next, we tell the page which images are to appear in the positions we've just indicated. Choose the Image tab from the options tabs in the top-right corner of the page:


The second method allows you to see your images in the position and at the same size as they will appear in your content.













To insert an image into a Static Content item or Article