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Administrator Console Overview

This overview of each component of the Administrator Console will help you understand how the various parts relate to the front 'public' part of your website.

Static Content

Static Content is a list of items that make up the pages of text that doesn't often change within your website. This page that you are now reading is Static Text.

Static Content Manager button


Articles are pieces of content that are part of an ongoing stream of content, such as a newsletter, blog or news service.

Content Items Manager button


Sections divide your Articles into groups for separation based on the content. Sections don't hold Articles themselves. They hold Categories. Not all sites separate their Articles. Many have only a single Section.

Section Manager button


Categories are the second level of separation of your Articles. Categories are contained in Sections, and Categories themselves contain the Articles.

Category Manager button

Menu Items

Menu Items are what allows a visitor to navigate between the website's content. Menu Items point to items of Static Text or lists of Articles in a Category or Section. Without a Menu Item linked to it, a Category, Section or Static Text item cannot be seen by website visitors (though a manual link can be inserted in other places).

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