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Managing your Newsletters

If you requested the installation of a newsletter component when establishing your website, this section of the Administrator Console manual will explain how it works and how you can control your newsletters and subscribers.

How website visitors subscribe from your website

Subscription to your newsletter is automatic for you. Website visitors subscribe themselves directly from your website. For them it is a two step process:

Number One They enter their email address in the newsletter subscription form
Number Two A confirmation email is sent to the email address they provided. They must click on the link provided in this email to confirm the email address they entered is theirs and valid.


How to manually subscribe email addresses to your newsletter

If you wish to manually enter email addresses to your list of subscribers, you can do so via the Administrator Console.


Be aware that there are legal requirements when subscribing people to a newsletter list. You are legally required to have their permission to do so. When they subscribe themselves from the website the confirmation email fulfills this requirement.


How unsbuscribe requests are managed


How to send a newsletter