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Accessing the Administrator Console

The Administrator Console is used to control the content of your website. It is not used for email.

Access the Administrator Console with your browser at this address:  {snippet webaddress}/administrator

Be sure to substitute "{snippet webaddress}" for the domain name of your own website

The login page should appear like this:


Administrator Console login screen



Log in to the Administrator Console using the username and password supplied when your website was first published.

If you cannot find your username and password, contact us directly and we'll provide them to you.The Administrator Console will automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. Editing the contents of a page is not activity that the server is aware of, so try to Apply or Save your changes frequently. If you press the Save or Apply button while editing content and the system takes you to the login page, your content will still have been updated.A convenient method of edit your content is to use two windows or tabs of your browser, one logged in to the Administrator Console and the other looking at your website. This way you can easily apply your changes and then switch to the other window or tab to see how your changes appear on your website. See our blog article on browsers for tips and advice.