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Changing your Email Account Password

To protect your privacy, we recommend chaning the password on your email accounts after they're first created, and then again at frequent intervals afterwards.

To change your email password, simply login to the Webmail service and go to the Options section. Here you will find the change password facility. Instructions on accessing the Webmail service are included on the previous Using Webmail page in this manual.

We further recommend using strong passwords. A strong password is one that is more difficult to guess. In password attacks the guessing is performed by a computer that can make more than 200 gueses a second. A strong password is essential to avoid your account being compromised.

To make your password strong, use combinations of upper and lower case letters, include numbers in your password, include special characters in your password, and avoid using dictionary words. Also make sure your password is long.

Be aware that changing your password via Webmail changes the password for the entire email account. If you are using an email application to access your email you will also need to update the stored record of your account password in that application.


If you have lost your email password, contact us directly. We can reset your password, after which you can change it again via Webmail. Note that we are unable to look up your existing password - we can only overwrite it with a new one.