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Using Webmail

All email accounts on our service have Webmail access. This enables you to send and receive email from any Internet connected computer. It also enables you to change the settings of your email account.

To access your Webmail, browse to replacing '{snippet domainname}' with your own domain name. You will be presented with the following login screen.


Webmail Login screen



Simply enter the username and password of your email account and click the login button to gain access.

Once inside your Webmail you will see the webmail interface.


Webmail Inbox



The Webmail interface functions as most web-based email services. You can:

  • Read incoming email messages
  • Reply to, or forward incoming messages
  • Create new sub-folders to sort and arrange your email messages
  • Compose new email messages to send
  • Keep email addresses in the Address Book
  • Change your email account settings and options

For specific help with Webmail functions and settings, see the Webmail help system, available via the Help button at the top of the Webmail interface.Once you've finished using the webmail service it is important that you logout to protect your email account from other people who may access the computer after you have finished.