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All our websites include free email services. This guide explains how to configure and use your email accounts. The Article Index on the right allows you to jump back and forth to relevant sections. If you cannot find the task you're trying to perform in this manual, please contact us directly for assistance.

Manual Version

This manual is periodically updated to maintain accuracy. If you're using one of our previous PDF versions of the combined website and email manual, or a printed copy of this online version, please monitor the version number to ensure you're using the current version.

Current Manaual version: 2.0.1


Corrections and Omissions

If you spot an error or notice that a particular function is missing, we'd appreciate you letting us know. We're proud of these manuals but not too proud to accept corrections and suggestions from our clients or others.


Existing Email Servers

Many of our clients have their own existing email server. In this situation we maintain your email settings so email remains directed to your server. We also set our email server to be your backup email server. With this configuration, our server will only receive your email addresses when your email server is offline. It stores the messages until your email server comes back online, at which point it sends through all the messages it received during the outage.


Requesting New Email Accounts

There are no technical limits on the number of email accounts you can have configured with your service. However, each account must be manually created, so we offer 50 accounts when we're establishing your service. We request that if you require more than 50 email accounts, or require frequent updates to the addresses, that you let us know so we can negotiate a mutually workable arangement.


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For all references to domain names in this manual, repalce "" with your own domain name